The examination month has started and tension level of students is increasing with every passing seconds. The tension level of the students preparing for the board exam is on some other level, especially those who are taking CBSE Exam. In India not student takes the board exam but along with him all his family takes exam, which increases stress even more. But there is nothing in the life that can’t be achieved by little hard work &┬áplanning. Students you do the hard work part and we here helps you with planning part. We are going to discuss few tips to get good CBSE 12th Result or obtain good percentage in any state board exam.

CBSE Exam Tips & Strategies to get Marks up to 99%


The students should prepare according to the exam time and the subjects they study. The students firstly need to make the list of the subjects and mark the portion which have they studied and which not. The students should make list and then study the important questions first. The exam which is going to held on last should be studied first and the first exam should be prepared near the exam.

By periodically revising a concept with optimal reviews, you can never forget important concepts or formulae or equation.

  • Day 1 : Learn a new concept/lesson
  • Day 3 : First revision
  • Day 7 : Second Revision
  • Day 21 : Third Revision
  • Day 30 : Fourth Revision
  • Day 45 : Fifth Revision
  • Day 60 : Sixth Revision

At the end of this cycle, the information gets stored in your long term memory and it is easy to recall the information whenever needed.


The student should fix the time of study and should study daily on that time. The few students are early birds who are proactive in the morning and few students are dark knights who like to study at night. So make your study hour according to it. The three hour if study is sufficient as after one point you can’t understand. So keep taking breaks at frequent interval.


You need to take care of yourself also. Don’t worry too much that makes you sick. Try to get eight hour sleep at any cost, don’t overdo yourself. The different techniques should be used to relax your mind and soul. The yoga is very good options to make you relax and healthy. The student can also walk for few minutes as studying all day makes mind dull. Few students of bad habit of not eating well in the exam time or they eat unhealthy food. Eat regularly on exam time and drink lots water to make yourself hydrated. Eat fruits like grapes which make the sugar level balanced.

Tips for CBSE 12th Exam


The students should use different study techniques to learn the lessons. They can use video lesson method to learn the subject. There are techniques to learn also such as Pomodaro technique is a time management technique using a timer to break down into intervals. Use a timer to set the study timings. Traditionally this technique involves studying for 25 minutes, followed by a short break of 5 minutes.

The other used technique Mnemonic technique is a study technique which helps to retain information in the human memory. This technique helps to retain information in a form that the brain can retain it better than the original form. There are few well known examples of mnemonic technique like remembering the colours of a rainbow as VIBGYOR.

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