Deciding to join the Air Force is an achievement in itself but to actually make it happen, you need to put in a lot of efforts. The first step toward making your dream come true is to clear the AFCAT Exam 2017 – Air Force Common Admission Test.

The written test date for AFCAT Exam 2017 is 26th February 2017 and the result will be out by March 2017.


So, now the question is how can you prepare for AFCAT Exam 2017 in the best way to ensure that your clear it with flying colours? Let us tell you the 5 best ways to prepare for AFCAT Exam 2017.

Do Your Research Well

It is important to know what AFCAT exam is. You should know thoroughly about the syllabus of AFCAT, the types of questions that come in the exam, previous cut off marks and the most difficult questions that can come.

Solve all Previous AFCAT Questions

Get yourself a book of the previous years’ AFCAT questions and practice them. Solve as many questions as you can so as to get better versed with the course, the syllabus and judge where yo stand. You might take help of books which come with solved questions.

Be more Aware

Read more and be more aware of your surroundings. In order to clear the AFCAT Air Force Common Admission Test you must do very deep study of General Knowledge. Stay updated about the latest books and authors. Read the latest magazines and get yourself daily dose of newspaper so that you will have knowledge about the latest happenings in your surroundings.



AFCAT examination comprises of 100 questions in total and you have to answer them all in a 2 hours time frame. So, it is very important for you to have good command over speed in order to attempt the maximum of questions and complete your test in time.

The questions in General Knowledge section are easy to answer. They can be completed utilizing just 5 seconds per question as you will either know the answer or not. Even the English section won’t take much of your time. But you need real good time to attempt Mathematics and Military sections. So, it’s important to plan your time accordingly.

Patterns that Work Best

When solving AFCAT exam paper, the following is the best advisable pattern to follow:

  • If you are good at Mathematics, attempt Maths > Military Aptitude > English > GK.
  • However, if Mathematics is your weak point, attempt GK > English > Aptitude > Maths.

Good luck for AFCAT 2017!

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