Civil Service is a division of governmental public service in which the citizens of India are provided employment individually as per their qualified merit, which is verified by means of a competitive exam. The Civil Service Examination is organized once a year in India through the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for commissioning people into the Civil Services for the Indian Government.

Tips to prepare for the Civil Services Examination are as follows:

Create a Schedule

There doesn’t exist any clear way of learning. However, one might forever turn their studies operational by making a schedule for themselves which ensembles their brain kind other than going after stereotypical methods. Such kind of exams where the expectancy of clearing is really low, pressure is likely to take place. In spite of such realities, the students must calm their mind down and be stress-free so that they are capable of giving their 100% to the exam’s preparation.

Make Necessary Notes

The Civil Service Exam is carried out in two distinct phases for which many academic subjects are needed to be learned. Therefore, making your own notes verifies to be a nice idea. A person can prepare notes alongside with learning or after the subject is completed.

Make Notes

The previous method aids when you brush up the important topics afterward from the reduced notes simply and the latter assists in learning what all has been studied, by writing it.

Choose Subjects Smartly

The 2 phases of the exam comprise of the 2 papers in the preliminary examination and 9 papers in the Civil Services Mains exam, which is prior to the final stage that is the Interview (personality test). For more information on the Civil Services Examination (CSE), you may also log on to, which is a website that keeps you updated about all the recruitments in India. The applicants must select their subjects cautiously just after thoroughly reading the outline of the exam’s syllabus which they are able to learn with full attentiveness.

Read Newspapers


The General awareness and knowledge are essential for the Civil Services exam so that the candidates who are wishing to take the exam must firmly keep an eye on any daily newspaper and a magazine to keep them up-to-date about what all is happening all around the globe.

Practice and Time Management

When you complete your syllabus, then the previous year’s sample papers must be practiced a lot. Working on the sample papers provides you an impression of your accuracy level together with your speed of handling a question.

Practice and time mgmt

The time management is a practice that requires being grasped by every CSE candidate. The applicant must manage time in a manner that all the questions are tried and done having a supreme precision rate which might just be accomplished by working many mock papers out.

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