Phone shopping is todays` trending act and it seems everyone is getting carried by it. The next Samsung flagship is Note 6. This phone has some features that may be assumed to be better than of any other phone.

High demand in today’s market is increasingly unpredictable and hard to meet and that’s why Samsung continues to strategize its dominance in mobile phone industry. One may wonder about some of the features that are quite fascinating about Samsung Note 6. The screen of about 6.0-6.2 inch may be great for Note users. This is not a debatable matter since most of the manufacturers are doing similarly the same.


The storage capacity of 6 GB RAM and a microSD card slot that can support up to 256 GB will not be something to not take for granted but will be in Galaxy S8 as well. The current trend in updates and software downloads among other apps may seem met by this phones capability in data storage. You can easily add other music, videos or even pictures without necessarily the need to delete some other downloads that you may still be convinced to be of great value to you. They both will give a very tough competition to iPhone 8 as well.

The battery of 4000mAh is a feature that complements the current concern about the powering of mobile phones. The mobile phones are becoming better and better in power utilization and the need to keep the whole mobile system powered accordingly is one thing that most mobile users and manufacturers are working. The next Note will probably put this into consideration and come with a more powerful battery than that of its predecessor.

Snapdragon 620 being overtaken by the brand new Snapdragon 820. No mobile phone manufacturer wants to be left behind. Note 6 might be one of the beneficiaries of this software. That will mean if you get lucky to be among the Note 6 users, your phone will enjoy all the Snapdragons features that we have heard and yet to experience.Exynos model is another processor feature that might be integrated and remain intact in the Note 6. The two will be used interchangeably according to users’ preference or may be synchronized to give a completely different experience all together.

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