Top horror games of 2013

Gaming starts as a leisure, blooms as a hobby and ends as a passion !! Here comes an article embedded with the most loved horror games released in 2013.. Games that could stimulate your hormones so aggressively that you really could not just stop thinking about it..!! I am gonna tell you about some of the most disastrous, addictive and terrifying games of 2013..!!
I believe that gamers are the most adventurous, the most daring and the most happiest species on this earth.. Most importantly gamers who want to get frightened, they rejoice !! My article would give you a quick glimpse of the games that filled the world of gamers with terror, fun and adventure !!
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State Of Decay
Ah !! Well its quite obvious that this game is surely the outcome of the creative mind of a deadly devil genius. This dubious game lures you as a survival zombie game but once you will let yourself go penetrate deep into this game, you will surely realise that this game a fantastic full blown role playing game. Letting you adopt the avtars of one or several players, this game takes you to desert regions studded with many towns, recruiting new survivors, exploring barred shops and managing relationships with people you encounter, be it of your company or those who are not in an alignment with you.

Slender: The arrival
Another constructively designed game that realises that the gravity of horror rests with the boogeyman of the game !! The slender man always follows you with his deadly terrific personifications that he bears at every part of the game.I am sure that every time a person spots alender man at a distance, he just could not control his adrenaline rush !!! The fact that makes this game all the more challenging is that you cannot fight with slender man, you just can run away from him. And this is what makes it more difficult and appealing than the other games.

Amnesia – A machine for pigs
The creative human mind that designed this game made it look incredibly promising. Though the game is engineered in deadly terrifying surroundings, it embeds several changes in its environment that would make the gamer flushed with fear !!

It is a psychological adventurous thriller that takes place in an insane asylum with a tempting loathsome subsistence. It is the player’s job to explore corridors and rooms occupied by lovecraftian creatures !! The screenshots of the game are just mind boggling !!

So with this my article gets ended. My creativity is just too less to express these deadly games !! But still i tried to familiarize you with some of the eminent terrific games of the year 2013 !! As a friendly writer I’d like to end this piece of information with the most simple but awaited question – “what was your most horrific experience of 2013 ??”

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