In the Indian market Apple iPhone 4 8 GB version is set to launch again. In the previous quarter company lost its sales and market share in the middle segment to get its previous place company has taken this decision. US based Apple to increase market share in India live is trying to break its own records.

Apple’s four trade partners spoke on condition of anonymity said that the iPhone 4 Price in India with buy back scheme and EMI would be Rs 15,000, Rs 26,500 was the old retail price and iPhone 4 Specifications will remain same. The model was launched 3 years ago and then 4S , 5 , 5C and 5S have come up version.

iPhone 4 Market Popularity

Senior executive of top electronic retail chain said ” At this attractive price in India iphone 4 will go again in demand among the lovers of iPhone 4. However, Markets has reduced its popularity, so the new production does not make any sense. “ This company has helped to increase its share in terms of value, but has not done much in terms of unit sales. At the company’s presence in the segment of Rs 30,000 shares has been reduced to nil.

Top electronic retail chain senior executive said, 8 GB iPhone 4 in terms of unit sales and the top 3 models from Samsung is running in very close combat. Samsung now has 70 per cent share in the segment.

Simar Datta, the Indian smartphone market executive said, Apple’s share in the October-December 2012 January-March 2013 was at its top level, i.e. 4 per cent. 1.4 per cent in October 2013, while Samsung’s share rose to 42 per cent.

iPhone 4 Price in India and Availability

Company still not relieved any availability detail with it is sure that they will launch it as soon as possible because they are trying to get back their previous market reputation which Samsung electronics has grabbed.

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