There is continuous hype in the market about the upcoming smartphone from Samsung which goes by the name Samsung Galaxy S5.There are lot of rumors, news and expectation revolving around this device as its date of launch is coming near. Most probably, this device will be released in the market during the early quarter of the year 2014. After the release of high technology devices by Apple and HTC, it will be a new sensation in the market of top in tech smartphones. We are trying to continuously shape this new sensation with every new rumor and reports from across the world. Today we will discuss about the Display and related features of

What`s New?
With advent of technology in the field of smartphones, every company is trying to invent and discover better and improved features for their smartphones. In the Display department of smartphones, there has been big boost in a shorter time. The touch display panels have improved to a greater extent with better response rate and higher quality. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will be one of the benchmark in the advancement of this technology by producing display panels with pixel density of more than 560 ppi. No other smartphone has even been near to such a compacted pixels resolution. The Screen resolution will be of around 2K (1440×2560) pixels in a screen size of 5.25 inch.

According to latest reports from Korea, Samsung has started the mass production of 5.25 inch QHD (Quad High Definition) AMOLED display for the soon to release Samsung Galaxy S5. The display will be using SUPER AMOLED technology and a diamond pixel arrangement for greater clarity and sharper display. In the new diamond pixel arrangement, all the red and blue pixels will be of a diamond shape and the green pixels will be interleaved with alternating blue and red pixels.
Note 3 has same SUPER AMOLED display
According to a recent report, which was published in DDaily, the new QHD AMOLED display will also be available in Samsung`s new Note 3 which means both Galaxy 5S and Note 3 will share the same SUPER AMOLED technology. However, no such official confirmation has been given on this subject by the any Samsung`s official. There are also some rumors that QHD AMOLED display will not be available in all Galaxy S5 as there might be two variants with one having a flexible OLED display and a metal body while other will stick with the AMOLED panel. Although, there is a very rare chance of giving flexible displays as there is still time to actually produce devices in mass with such technology.
There are many other rumors about the display of Galaxy S5 but they are not very practical. Till now this the best we have on the display and its related features that might really come along with Samsung Galaxy S5.

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